HVAC Website Analysis: Airmasters.net

Posted on: February 20th, 2015

If you’re like most savvy HVAC contractors, you probably recognize that your website is one of your most valuable marketing assets. What you may not realize is what makes one website better than another. And that’s why we started doing these posts!

As part of our 2015 New Year’s resolution, we’re analyzing one HVAC company website each week. The site’s we’re picking come from our data warehouse and an annual analysis we do of more than 10,000 HVAC and plumbing contractor websites.

If you’d like to see your site analyzed, drop us a line! This week, we’re going to be taking a look at Air Masters of Tampa Bay. If you’ve missed our previous reviews, you can find them all right here.

Founded in 1983, Air Masters of Tampa Bay has more than 1,000 maintenance customers and has done more than 4,000 HVAC installs. The company has also won the Tampa Tribune’s Best of Tampa award for HVAC three years running.

Analysis of Airmasters.net


We reviewed Airmasters.net’s rankings for about 800 geographically-targeted, service-specific keywords. Compared to the previous sites we’ve evaluated as part of this project, Air Masters of Tampa’s site does pretty well. The site ranks on the first page 124 times and number one 11 times.

What a lot of heating and cooling contractors don’t realize is that there’s a HUGE difference between ranking number one and ranking further down the first page in terms of how many visits you’ll receive.

Look at this:

Organic Click-Thru Rates by Position on Page

Organic Click-Thru Rates by Position on Page

The top organic ranking on Google gets more than two times the number of clicks that the second organic listing gets! The takeaway here is that for as well as Air Masters of Tampa is doing, they could be doing much, much better in terms of SEO.

Airmasters.net earns a 80 for Findability.

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Accessibility & Content

HVAC websites that earn high marks for Accessibility & Content have lots of unique, well-written content and are easily accessible regardless of the device being used (smartphone, desktop, tablet, etc.). Airmasters.net earns points for having lots of pages with a significant volume of content on each page (in some cases, more than 1,000 words).

The folks at Air Masters of Tampa also must recognize the value of mobile site traffic. They have a mobile-specific website located at m.airmasters.net. Air Masters could earn additional Accessibility & Content points by upgrading their site layout to be less cluttered. Site speed on both desktop and mobile also need some work.

Airmasters.net gets a 69 for Accessibility & Content

Identity & Trust

Airmasters.net receives an Identity & Trust score of 76. The site gains visitor trust by prominently displaying the BBB logo and Angies List service award logos, and for providing easy access to customer testimonials. They also gain points for having videos and awards scattered throughout their website.

They would pick up additional points by replacing some of the stock photos they use for various page banners with all branded photos. Close up shots of company trucks are perhaps the quickest way to build trust with website visitors. They should also move their social media icons to the footer and replace them with the Visa and MasterCard logos.

Score: 76

Overall, we’d give Airmasters.net a 75/100. The site has decent search engine rankings and is filled with a considerable quantity of content. It also has some solid trust builders and company videos. The site could benefit from additional SEO, improved content, and an enhanced design that integrates better branding and more trust builders.