HVAC Website Analysis: Aircomfort.com

Posted on: January 16th, 2015

For our second HVAC Website Reivew, we’ll be reviewing Air Comfort’s website: www.aircomfort.com. Air Comfort is a full-service commercial mechanical contractor and HVACR company located in Chicago, IL. We’ll be reviewing the site using the same criteria we did for our last HVAC Website Review.

Analysis of Aircomfort.com


We checked www.aircomfort.com’s organic rankings on Google for more than 1,300 geographically-targeted, service-specific keywords. The site ranked on the first page of Google just 3 times. For the same set of keywords, the site was ranked number one on Google ZERO times. This makes www.aircomfort.com one of the poorest ranking sites we’ve ever evaluated.

It’s worth noting that commercial customers are less likely than residential customers to rely on Google to find a vendor. However, we reviewed Air Comfort’s LinkedIn page too. Their company profile page has just 61 followers and it hasn’t been updated in 5 months. Not good.

Air Comfort gets a 25 (out of 100) for Findability

Accessibility & Content

Although www.aircomfort.com has decent content, it hasn’t been updated very recently (their last post was from September 2014) and it may be difficult for some visitors to read because of the contrast (or lack thereof).

Take a look at this:

Air Comfort Website Text Lack of ContrastA lot of website designers are very young. To their eyes, these fonts might be easy to read, but is a commercial facilities manager in his early 50’s going to agree? The text needs to be at least a little darker according to our older website reviewers.

The site also makes no accommodation for visitors using mobile devices. Our analysts would say, “this site is not mobile-ready.”

Here’s how the site displays on an iPhone:

Aircomfort.com viewed from an iPhoneAir Comfort’s website was built using what appears to be a WordPress template, so it shouldn’t be too hard for them to upgrade it to a responsive design. Responsive design websites automatically adjust for easy viewing across any type of device. It would also be a good idea for them to locate their phone number in the top-right corner of the site, the place most visitors would expect to find it.

Aircomfort.com earns a 60 for Accessibility & Content.

Identity & Trust

If there’s a place where www.aircomfort.com shines, it’s Identity & Trust. When someone visits your website, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression.

Air Comfort gets it right with some very well-chose homepage banners.

Air Comfort Chicago HVACR Company Homepage Banners

The banners on their site highlight their award winning team, complete with a third-party endorsement from Contracting Business magazine. They demonstrate real world credibility by showing you one of their first trucks as well as one of their modern trucks and their home office. They also show their guys in the field doing what they do best.

They earn additional Identity & Trust points for having additional third-party trust builders on their homepage–albeit lower than I typically like to see–and for their content-rich Why Air Comfort? page and their Careers page.

As a result, they earn an 85 for Identity & Trust.

Conclusion & Final Takeaways

Overall, Air Comfort earns a score of 57/100. With a handful of (relatively) simple updates they could increase their score considerably. They need a full site SEO audit and base optimizations and some work to make their content more easily read and viewable across multiple devices.