HVAC Website Analysis: Airdynamicsms.com

Posted on: January 10th, 2015

Our first HVAC Website Review of 2015 will be for www.airdynamicsms.com. This site is owned by Air Dynamics MS, LLC, a heating and air conditioning company located in Mooresville, NC. They serve the Lake Norman area North of Charlotte, NC, which includes Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, etc.

To keep things consistent, we’re going to use the same methodology Ben Landers, president and CEO of Blue Corona, uses to evaluate HVAC and plumbing websites for the Net Results column in ACHR The NEWS.

Ben evaluates sites based on the following factors:

  • Findability: How visible the site is in Google’s search results
  • Accessibility & Content: How easy the site is to use and the content quality
  • Identity & Trust: How trustworthy the company appears to be based on their site

Analysis of www.airdynamicsms.com



It doesn’t matter how great an home service company’s website is if consumers can’t find it when they search Google. We reviewed the organic rankings of www.airdynamicsms.com for nearly 700 geographically-targeted, service-specific keywords. The site ranks on the first page of Google just shy of 20 percent of the time.

That’s fantastic–especially considering that very few consumers venture past the first page of organic search results. That said, Airdynamicsms.com only ranks in the top spot of Google 1.76 percent of the time. The top organic ranking on Google receives a super-sized percentage of consumer clicks, so Air Dynamics MS, LLC would be wise to invest (or continue investing ) in additional SEO to increase their number one rankings.

Airdynamicsms.com receives a Findability score of 85.

Accessibility & Content

For HVAC contractors, having a website that’s easily found is critically important. However, being found by consumers is only step one.

Imagine that you’re a consumer driving to your home on Lake Norman from your job at Bank of America in Charlotte. It’s the first really cold day of the year. Your wife calls your cell and tells you that cold air is coming out of the vents in your house. She’s turned the thermostat up to 77, but the air is still cold. At the next red light, you take your smartphone and search for a contractor serving North Charlotte. Air Dynamics MS’s website comes up and you click it only to find this:

Air Dynamics MS Website AnalysisI’ve got 20/20 vision, and I can tell you that I’d immediately hit the “back” button in an attempt to find another contractor to call. The text on this page is simply too small to read. You also can’t easily find (or click) the phone number. Not good.

Unfortunately, things aren’t much better when you view the site from a desktop computer.

Take a look at this:

Air Dynamics MS Website Review Modern computer monitors are much larger today than they were a few years ago; however, many HVAC and plumbing companies have sites that look like Airdynamicsms.com. When there’s that much screen on either side of a site, it immediately looks outdated and loses authority points.

The phone number on Airdynamicsms.com is also hidden. Every year, we use our software to run an analysis of more than 10,000 HVAC and plumbing websites. Through the process, we find all sorts of interesting insights, and one of them is that the vast majority of HVAC contractors have their phone number on the top right-side of their sites. As a result, consumers have been trained to expect it there.

For Accessibility & Content, Airdynamicsms.com receives a score of 50.

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Identity & Trust

Airdynamicsms.com earns Identity & Trust points for prominently showing a picture of their service trucks in the banner of their homepage. They also earn points for including their physical address on the site, for being members of the BBB, and for providing financing options–something not often provided by “one guy, one truck” or fly-by-night contractors.

They could pick up additional trust points if they’d reposition their BBB reference and their financing options “above the fold” and if they would put their phone number and address in the places consumers have come to expect to find them.

They should also consider adding an About page. A lot of consumers prefer to do business with locally owned and operated companies. Ironically, a lot of small businesses fail to highlight this fact. It’s a mistake.

Airdynamicsms.com receives an Identity & Trust score of 57.

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Conclusion & Final Takeaways

Overall, Air Dynamics MS, LLC’s website receives a score of 64 / 100. While the site ranks relatively well in Google’s organic search results, the accessibility, content, identity, and trust of the website all have significant room for improvement.

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And stay tuned for our next website review which will be Air Comfort, a commercial HVAC company located in Chicago, IL!