HVAC Website Analysis: Breezinhvac.com

Posted on: January 30th, 2015

It’s almost kick-off time for Super Bowl XLIX, but all we can think about is analyzing some HVAC websites! Today we’ll be doing a no-holds-barred review of Breezin HVAC, Inc.’s website, Breezinhvac.com.

In case you’ve missed our earlier posts, our 2015 HVAC marketing resolution is to analyze one contractor website each week. We evaluate each site using the same criteria Ben Landers uses for his Net Results columns in ACHR The NEWS.

Analysis of Breezinhvac.com



Just how visible is Breezinhvac.com in Google’s organic search results? To find out, we generated a list of nearly 300 geographically-targeted, service-specific keywords and used our software to review Breezin’s rankings.

Compared with a lot of other sites we’ve reviewed, Breezin doesn’t rank very well. It shows up on the first page of Google’s organic search results just 15 times or 6 percent of the time. It ranks number one on Google just three times. HVAC websites investing in SEO typically see their website on the first page of Google for significantly more keywords.

As a result, Breezinhvac.com gets a 62 for Findability

Accessibility & Content

Assuming a website can be found, the next most important attribute is the site’s accessibility and the content on the site. Whether a site scores well in our analysis or not comes down to the answers to a few key questions:

  • Does the site load quickly and correctly across all devices–PCs, Smartphones, etc.?
  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Is the text on the site easy to read/skim?
  • Does the site include relevant, unique content that provides genuine value to visitors?

With 140 pages, Breezin’s site has a fair amount of content. HVAC companies investing heavily in content marketing typically have 500 or more pages, but Breezin isn’t off to a bad start. Having a lot of pages on your website is very important because Google doesn’t rank webSITES; Google ranks website PAGES.

Breezin’s pages are also filled with a decent amount of content–just over 400 words per page. Again, this is a far cry from the amount of content seen on the pages of the top HVAC companies, but it’s a lot more than some of the sites we’ve reviewed.

Breezinhvac.com earns a few bonus points for having an XML sitemap. XML sitemaps make it easier for search engines to find and crawl all your website’s pages. While some of the content on Breezinhvac.com is easy to read because of the dark blue background, some of the fonts are very small.

Look how small the text is in the primary navigation–relative to the other text on the page:

Breezin HVAC Inc.

If you own an HVAC company, you have to recognize that consumers are only on your site for a total of about 1-2 minutes. If you don’t make your site’s content easy to skim, you can bet your overalls that you’re depressing your site’s visit-to-lead conversion rate.

Breezin earns points for having a mobile-specific website; although, we’re not sure why it would be hosted on a separate domain (nearsay.com):

Breezin HVAC Mobile WebsiteHere’s something interesting we found while searching for Breezin’s mobile site:

HVAC mobile search resultsWith more and more consumers using their mobile device to look for HVAC and plumbing contractors, a lot of small-medium sized HVAC companies are making a big mistake by not investing in pay per click (PPC) advertising. (note: we’re not saying that Breezin is not doing PPC. It’s possible that they are and that we did not see their ads because we’re located outside their geographic service area.)

HVAC companies not investing in PPC mistakenly assume that no one clicks the ads. Check out Google’s latest earnings call and you’ll quickly realize the flaw in that thinking. With the rise in popularity of mobile, PPC ads are almost a requirement unless you’re okay with losing jobs to your competitors.

Breezinhvac.com gets a 75 for Accessibility & Content.

Identity & Trust

Breezin earns major Identity & Trust points for having one of their trucks and one of their technicians in the banner image on their homepage. The quickest way to establish trust with a visitor to your website is to show them something they’ve seen in the real world.

Breezin HVAC Banner Service TruckAdditionally, Breezinhvac.com has all their information–their phone numbers, address, license numbers, etc.–exactly where consumers expect to find them.

Breezinhvac.com gets an 80 for Identity & Trust

Conclusion & Final Takeaways

Overall, Breezinhvac.com earns a 73/100. The site has decent content, but could definitely benefit from additional SEO and either a responsive website design or a mobile-specific site hosted on their own domain (ex. m.breezinhvac.com). Breezin HVAC should also consider investing in a pay per click ad campaign to prevent competitors from sniping their traffic when visitors are using mobile devices.