HVAC Website Analysis: HVAC-Boston.org

Posted on: January 21st, 2015

Obamacare may not be working, but we certainly are! We’re back with our third HVAC Website Review. Today we’re going to be breaking down HVAC Boston’s website, HVAC-Boston.org (dot ORG, really?).

Once again, we’ll be evaluating the site across three areas:

  • Findability
  • Accessibility & Content
  • Identity & Trust

Analysis of HVAC-Boston.org


You can have the best looking* HVAC website in the world (*HVAC Boston doesn’t), but it’s of little value if people can’t find it when they do a Google search like “furnace replacement Boston”. We reviewed HVAC-Boston.org’s organic Google rankings for close to 200 geographically-targeted keywords specific to services HVAC Boston appears to provide. The site ranks #1 just two times and on the first page of Google’s search results only 7 times.

A lot of HVAC contractors want to know what they can expect—rankings wise—if they invest in SEO. Given the variables—competitor’s SEO investments, changes made by Google, etc.—that’s virtually impossible to predict with any degree of accuracy. However, we’ve reviewed more than 10,000 HVAC websites (yes, really). What we’ve found is that HVAC contractors that invest heavily in SEO typically rank on the first page of Google for more than 15% of their target keywords. And, of course, we’ve found sites that do considerably better than this.

HVAC-Boston.org receives a 30 for Findability

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Accessibility & Content

Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to have a website that’s found. HVAC contractors fortunate enough to get their website ranked on Google are often shocked when they realize that the vast majority of their visitors come and immediately leave–without doing anything of value. Painful.

Look at HVAC Boston’s website from a mobile phone:

HVAC Boston's Mobile WebsiteHVAC Boston’s phone number is actually surprisingly legible from a mobile phone. Unfortunately, the world today has the attention span and short-term memory of a five year old. HVAC Boston needs to make their site mobile-ready and that phone number should be a “click-to-call” number.

Unfortunately, things don’t get much better when you visit the site from a desktop computer.

HVAC-Boston.org OopsHVAC Boston loses a lot of points on the Accessibility front due to these issues.

On the Content side of things, we uncovered a whole new can of worms. Remember when we mentioned that we’ve reviewed and analyzed more than 10,000 HVAC contractor websites? Well, it was at about this point on the page that we started to get the sense that we’d seen this site before, so we ran a quick Copyscape plagiarism check on the site and this is what we found:

HVAC Boston Scraped Content from HVAC RaleighHVAC Boston and HVAC Raleigh have a tremendous amount of duplicate content. They even have the same HVAC Consumer Guide! Typically, when you see things like this, it’s a clear sign that both companies have used the same “economical” online marketing company. You know what they say… when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

HVAC-Boston.org gets a 27 for Accessibility & Content.

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Identity & Trust

When we’re evaluating a site’s trustworthiness, one of the questions we’re asking is: would you feel comfortable entering your credit card into this site? With HVAC-Boston.org, the answer is a resounding, “No!”

There’s no physical address located on the site, nor are their any pictures of real people. Savvy consumers may assume that the site is a generic site put up by a marketing/lead generation company—the kind of site where you enter your email address and get spammed for eternity.

The site also lacks any other traditional trust builders such as a Visa or MasterCard logo, BBB links, pictures of their trucks, etc. The site is generic. Home service companies that use their website to differentiate their company from the competition—to let their individual personalities shine through are trustworthy. Generic sites are not.

HVAC-Boston.org gets a 24 for Identity & Trust

Conclusion & Final Takeaways

Overall, HVAC-Boston.org gets a score of 27. The site was probably created by a low-cost web marketing company. Basically, slightly modified versions of the same site have been created for other HVAC contractors all over the country.

To a very small, local HVAC contractor, hiring a low-cost online marketing company may seem like a plausible option. What these contractors often fail to realize is that, for a home service company, a great website and presence online can catapult your company from zero to several million dollars in revenue. Think about that. I mean, really think about that.

Smart contractors recognize this and will spend more on their website and digital marketing than they do on a new service vehicle. And low cost, high-value online marketing options do exist. Engagements with Blue Corona start around $1,500 per month and engagements via their small business division, Rank First Local starts at $500 per month.