HVAC Website Analysis: HVAC Solutions, LLC

Posted on: February 26th, 2015

Today, we’re going to be breaking down www.hvacsolutionsokc.com. HVAC Solutions, LLC is a commercial and residential heating and cooling contractor serving the greater Oklahoma county area.

Like our previous site reviews, we’ll be scoring the site across three areas: Findability, Accessibility & Content, and Identity & Trust.

Analysis of HVACsolutionsokc.com


For a set of 912 geographically-targeted, service-specific keywords hvacsolutionsokc.com ranks on the first page of Google 52 times (5.70%) and holds 5 number one (0.55%) rankings. These results are a fraction of what we seen from sites investing heavily in search engine optimization and/or content marketing.

With just 23 pages and an average of 353 words per page, creating more content should be a top priority for HVAC Solutions, LLC.

Score: 66

Accessibility & Content
Today’s consumers expect the websites they visit to look great no matter what type of device they’re using to access the site. When a site displays well across all device types, from mobile phones and tablets to desktops, we say that it’s “mobile-ready.” Although there is a mobile-friendly version of hvacsolutionsokc.com, you don’t know it because of a poorly formatted pop-up.

Visit HVAC Solutions, LLC’s website from a smartphone and your screen will likely look like this:

Not only is the pop-up not properly formatted, but it also says, “call for an appointment.” The reason this is a problem is that there’s no click-to-call phone number!

HVAC Solutions, LLC also loses Accessibility & Content points for putting their social media icons right next to their phone number. Which visitor action is more important to you–having someone visit your Twitter profile or having someone call you? Let’s hope you said the latter.

Do you really think this page represents a compelling sales pitch?

Yes, we enjoyed our weekend with our family and friends. Now, what’s that got to do with you fixing my HVAC system?

Why would you invest advertising dollars to drive visitors to your website and then encourage them to leave your site via a Facebook or Twitter icon? Which site do you think is a more compelling sales rep for your business: your Facebook page or your company website? For most HVAC companies, it’s their website. We always recommend social media icons be placed in the footer.

HVAC Solutions, LLC’s website also has some text-contrast issues making it difficult to read headings on all screen sizes. Site speed scored poorly on both desktop and mobile.

Score: 55

Identity & Trust

Hvacsolutionsokc.com receives an Identity & Trust score of 85. The site features trust building third party icons in the footer of the page, including Discover, MasterCard and VISA. They’re a BBB accredited business and provide easy access to testimonials on their homepage. Their about page provides identity and bio for key employees of the business.

Score: 85
Overall, we give hvacsolutionsokc.com a 69/100. Although the site is built on a forward thinking responsive design framework and features quite a few trust builders, it hasn’t been very well-optimized to rank well on Google and a few formatting issues prevent it from displaying properly on certain mobile devices.