HVAC Website Analysis: KCplumberpro.com

Posted on: February 6th, 2015

It’s the first week of February 2015, and you know what that means. It’s time to analyze another HVAC website! This week, we thought we’d do something a little different. A lot of HVAC companies also provide plumbing services, so this week we’ll be reviewing KC Plumber Pro’s site (www.kcplumberpro.com). And don’t forget to compare this week’s review to our other HVAC website reviews.

Analysis of KCplumberpro.com


We reviewed KC Plumber Pro’s organic rankings on Google for more than 700 service-specific, geographically targeted keyword phrases.

This is what we found:

KC Plumber Pro Organic Keyword Rankings

KC Plumber Pro Organic Keyword Rankings

The site ranks number one 14 times (1.93%) and on the first page of Google’s organic results 126 times (17.38%). While we’ve seen much better organic rankings for local plumbers in the Midwest investing heavily in SEO, KC Plumber Pro’s rankings aren’t too shabby.

KCplumberpro.com gets an 83 for Findability

Accessibility & Content

KC Plumber Pro’s site is a relatively basic, small business website. At first pass, it appears to have a decent number of pages (462), but on further analysis, only ~80 of those pages appear to be actual website pages.

The number of pages on a website is more important than many HVAC and plumbing contractors believe. Each website pages has the potential to rank for a handful of keywords specific to the content on the page. All other things being equal, the more well-written, informative pages you have on your website, the more organic visibility and traffic you can expect to receive.

KCplumberpro.com is built using a responsive design framework. What that means—in English—is that various aspects of the site, the navigation for example, adjust based on the device being used to view the site. Most of the information on KC Plumber Pro’s site is where you’d expect to find it, which makes the site easy to use. Some older visitors may find the font a bit difficult to read due to its size and contrast.

KCplumberpro.com gets a 77 for Accessibility & Content

Identity & Trust

KC Plumber Pro earns Identity and Trust points for having their phone number where visitors expect to find it, a picture of their truck on their about page, and a contact page with their physical address.

They would gain additional points if they would add:

  • A picture of their truck to their homepage banner
  • Their license numbers and contact information to the footer of the site
  • Forms of payment accepted to the header (MasterCard, Visa, etc.)
  • Third party trust builders (PHCC, BBB, Angie’s List, Awards, etc.)

For Identity & Trust, KC Plumber Pros earns a 72

Closing Thoughts

Overall, we’d give KCplumberpro.com a score of 77 (C+). It has some visibility in Google’s organic search results, and it utilizes a responsive design–something we don’t see nearly enough contractors embracing. The site could be improved significantly by investing more in content marketing and working to improve some of the basic Identity & Trust factors (listed above).

We’d also encourage the owner of KC Plumber Pro to read this article in ACHR The NEWS about social media marketing mistakes. If you’re going to link from a prominent location of your website to social sites like Twitter, etc., you’ve got to have a more substantial presence than this:

KC Plumber on Twitter