The Importance of Social Media for HVAC Contractors

Posted on: January 16th, 2015

A lot of HVAC contractors dismiss the importance of social media. They see Facebook as a place where their employees go to waste time. But social media sites are fundamentally changing the way people making buying decisions and communicate–much in the same way email and texting have.

From Angie’s List and Yelp to Facebook and Google+, today’s consumers have a variety of channels through which to express their satisfaction–and dissatisfaction–with your company. Increasingly, the expectation is that, if you have a presence on one of these sites, you’re listening–and will respond.

Recently, I was blind copied on an exchange of messages via Facebook between a local HVAC and plumbing company and one of their new customers. According to the customer, she’d chosen this particular local company because they were “Carrier qualified” and she felt that if they were on Facebook, they “understood and respected social media and great customer service.”

All of us in the digital marketing space have long speculated that this is how consumers think about companies active on social media sites like Facebook, but until this message exchange, I’d never had any proof.

According to, Facebook has 1.35 billion active monthly users. Practically every person I know is on Facebook. This makes Facebook an incredibly powerful amplifier for news and opinions about your company–good and bad. No longer can it be written off as a place where people go to goof off and waste time.

Facebook is a vibrant online community filled with your customers and prospects. If all you’ve done for your business is create a Facebook page and share a blog post or weather update here and there, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity. Next to Google, Facebook is the second most popular website in the world. It deserves to be part of your digital marketing strategy (you DO have a digital marketing strategy, don’t you?).

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