Welcome to the HVACSEOReports.com Blog!

Posted on: November 1st, 2012

Welcome to the HVACSEOReports.com blog! Thank you for visiting our website. If you own an HVAC and/or plumbing company and you’re interested in improving your website’s organic visibility (read: rankings), you’ve come to the right place.

What is HVACSEOReports.com?

HVACSEOReports.com is the first SEO tool built specifically for the HVAC and plumbing industry. It’s also the first SEO software built for business owners (vs. web geeks). Most “SEO guys” are techie kids. The odds are strong that they know more about World of Warcraft than they know about the HVAC and plumbing industry (if you don’t know what World of Warcraft is, consider yourself lucky). Not only do most SEO consultants not know much about your business, they don’t know much about business in general!

We built HVACSEOReports.com to provide business owners with a logical framework within which to evaluate and understand their website’s SEO. If you’re doing your own SEO, this is a powerful tool to help you. If you’ve already engaged an SEO company or consultant, use HVACSEOReports.com to ask better questions and hold the firm you’ve hired accountable (no one has to know you’re using the tool but us and you!).

Why We Built This Tool

The single most important reason this tool exists is to help you understand and improve your website so it generates revenue for your business. Your website should be your number one source of leads and sales. To generate leads and sales, your website needs traffic. What is the best way to get more qualified visitors to your HVAC and/or plumbing company’s website? Answer: Make sure your site ranks on the first page of Google in the “organic” search results for keywords related to your products and services. The factors contributing to your search engine rankings can be complicated and are a mystery to most laymen.

Looking Under the Hood of Your Website

We provide you with an accurate picture of the parts of your website that matter when it comes to SEO. Think of your website as if it were a car. When you look at your site, what you’re most likely seeing is the equivalent of the body of a car. Although the body of a car has some impact on its performance, to see which car is going to win the race, you’d be far better served if you popped open the hood and started running diagnostics on the engine. This tool does exactly that, but for your website!

Search Engine Rankings and Your Competitors

There are roughly 10 organic listings on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. To rank higher, you have to “leap frog” your competitors’ websites. How are you going to do that? The second reason we created this tool is to give you the ability to do a side-by-side comparison to see how your website stacks up against your competition. Think back to the car analogy used above. There’s no need to pay for a V10 when a V8 will win the race!

Keep Your “Web Guy” Accountable

We provide HVAC and plumbing contractors with a quantifiable way to judge and evaluate their SEO efforts – whether those are being performed by an in-house employee or an outsourced vendor. Although most business owners wear many hats, we find most don’t speak web. Although you might be able to determine whether your truck mechanic is feeding you a line, it is far more difficult to understand the typical SEO consultant.

Your typical SEO guy speaks a different language than most business owners understand–and this isn’t going to change any time soon. This website provides you with a user friendly framework to help you evaluate your website and the work your SEO company is doing. If you’re paying someone for SEO services and you don’t notice a change in our reports over time, you should seriously question the investment you’re making. If instead you’re managing your SEO in-house and don’t notice any changes then it might be time to consider hiring outside help!

Give our SEO software a try and you’ll never look at your website the same again!